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Nestled within the expansive embrace of Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park emerges as the largest and most vibrant community on the western side of this idyllic landscape. Encompassing nearly forty percent of Thousand Oaks’ land area, it exudes a blend of residential tranquility and rural charm, making it a haven for approximately 35,000 residents seeking a harmonious balance between nature and modern living.

Newbury Park is characterized by two major residential enclaves, each with its distinct allure: Rancho Conejo Village and Dos Vientos Ranch. These neighborhoods serve as the canvas upon which the essence of community and the spirit of the town come to life.

Amid the tapestry of this community lies the commercial hub of Rancho Conejo, a space where innovation and enterprise converge. Here, corporations like Amgen, a global biotechnology titan, stand as beacons of progress. Anthem Blue Cross, Skyworks Solutions, Designworks USA, and Spectrum contribute their dynamic presence, creating a bustling business environment that complements the town’s residential charm.

While agriculture once reigned as the sole industry shaping the city’s identity, the landscape transformed in the mid-20th century, diversifying its economic makeup. Today, much of the community finds its home within the city limits of Thousand Oaks, contributing to an employment sector that spans biotechnology, electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, and finance.

As the city’s vision extended to incorporate the town, a revitalization effort took root, breathing new life into various sections of the community through a former Redevelopment Agency. It stands as a testament to dynamic growth, with the global headquarters of industry leaders like Amgen and Designworks USA, the design arm of BMW, adding a layer of innovation to its tapestry. The offices of Anthem Blue Cross, Sage Publications, and Skyworks Solutions further enrich the community’s commercial landscape.

Amgen, born in 1980, has blossomed into the world’s largest biotech company, not only dominating the Conejo Valley but also attracting a cohort of dedicated scientists and professionals. Rooted in cutting-edge molecular biology and biochemistry, Amgen aims to revolutionize healthcare through recombinant DNA technology, embodying Newbury Park’s commitment to progress.

Beyond these luminaries, Newbury Park’s economic fabric boasts the presence of significant employers such as Shire (formerly Baxalta), Baxter Bio Science, and more. Formerly a haven for Hewlett-Packard, the community has witnessed the steady rise of high-tech industries since the 1960s, birthing an atmosphere often likened to “the next Silicon Valley.” With each stride towards technological advancement, the city continues to carve its niche in the landscape of innovation, while still preserving its rural charm and providing a welcoming haven for its diverse and thriving population.