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Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Santa Barbara County, the charming community of Summerland unfolds across an area of two square miles, playing host to an intimate population of approximately 2,000 residents.

The rich tapestry of Summerland’s history is woven with the threads of the past. In the late 19th century, the region bore witness to the inception of oil production, its iconic beach adorned with oil derricks. Although the sands no longer bear the marks of oil extraction, it was here in 1910 that the world’s first offshore oil well emerged, leaving an indelible mark on the area’s legacy. However, the pages of history also contain a somber note, as a catastrophic event unfolded in 1969 when an oil well malfunctioned five miles off the coast, triggering the Santa Barbara oil spill—a reminder of the delicate balance between industry and environment.

In 1957, the stage shifted as Standard Oil Co. of California—now known as Chevron—made a significant discovery: the expansive Summerland Offshore Oil Field, situated several miles offshore. This field ceased its operations in the 1990s, leaving behind echoes of a transformative era.

However, the landscape of Summerland is not solely defined by its industrial past. August 2015 saw a different side of the community, as its pristine beach was temporarily closed due to the presence of significant oil deposits washed ashore. Local residents speculated that a leaking capped oil well, aptly named “the Becker wellhead,” situated in the tidal zone beneath Lookout Park, might be the source of this unexpected phenomenon.

Nature’s embrace is tender in Summerland, with a warm-summer Mediterranean climate gracing the region. The embrace of warm yet not scorching summers and dry conditions creates an inviting environment, with average monthly temperatures remaining below 71.6 °F.

Peering into the fabric of the community’s demographics reveals a diverse array of ages and backgrounds. The age distribution paints a picture of diversity, with a median age of 49.2 years. For every 100 females, 92.0 males make their mark, and this pattern continues among those aged 18 and older, where 88.6 males stand for every 100 females.

Housing becomes a canvas upon which the stories of Summerland residents are painted. Among the 823 housing units, an average density of 413.7 units per square mile creates a mosaic of dwellings. Of these occupied units, 362 (52.7%) stand as testaments to homeownership, while 325 (47.3%) are homes for rent. Gaps in this mosaic reveal a 3.2% homeowner vacancy rate and a 9.7% rental vacancy rate, offering insight into the fluidity of Summerland’s housing landscape. In the heart of the community, 790 individuals (54.6% of the population) find solace in owner-occupied housing units, while 658 people (45.4%) call rental housing units home.

As the waves of time continue to shape Summerland, the community remains a harmonious blend of history, nature, and human endeavor—a coastal sanctuary with a story all its own.